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Cass Creek® Ampli Fire Predator Call

499,00 DKK 399,00 DKK

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The Cass Creek Predator Amplifier Game Call gives the hunter bigger, louder animal sounds from a large and loud built in speaker.
The Cass Creek Predator Amplifier Game Call brings predators in close with authentic sounds of real predators stored on the game call device. This hand held predator game call comes with ten different calls and is a practical hunting accessory to lure predators in closer to the hunter.
Features include:
* One hand control
* Wind busting performance
* Loud sounds up to 120bd
* Speaker input jack
* Ten game calls with easy to read LED indicator light.
The Amplifier Predator Electronic Game Call is the accessory every hunter needs to maximize their hunts. The Amplifier Predator Electronic Game Call can accept the Cass Creek 082 Speaker the Big Horn Speaker.
Some hunting situations call for volume. The AmpliFire Predator Game Call from Cass Creek gives you the big sounds of stand-alone speakers in a compact, easy-to-transport, easy-to-use, one-piece game call.
Included calls:
• Coyote Locator – The locator call of an adult female coyote.
• Coyote Food Fight – Coyotes fighting over food; attracts all other coyotes.
• Cottontail Distress – This high-pitched squeal means an easy meal to a coyote.
• Jackrabbit Distress – The distinctive alarm sound of an adult jack rabbit.
• Baby Jack Distress – The eerie sound of a baby jackrabbit in trouble.
• Woodpecker Wail – Sound of a woodpecker in trouble.
• Raccoon Pups – Young coon distress cries.
• Kitten Distress – High-pitched sounds of a kitten in trouble.
• Grey Fox Pups – Sharp, short yips of pups calling their mother.
• Rodent Squeal – Sharp series of squeaks and drawn-out squeals.

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